Nuitrack  1.3.7
3D Skeleton Tracking Middleware
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What is Nuitrack™SDK?

Nuitrack™ is a 3D skeleton tracking middleware developed by 3DiVi Inc. It is a skeleton tracking and gesture recognition solution enabling Natural User Interface (NUI) capabilities on Android, Windows and Linux platforms.

Nuitrack™ is a multi-language, cross-platform framework that defines APIs for creating applications utilizing Natural Interaction. Nuitrack™ APIs are composed of a set of interfaces for developing NI applications. The main purpose of Nuitrack™ is to establish an API that enables communication with 3D sensors.

The module is optimized for ARM based processors that enables its usage with Android devices and embedded platforms.


  • Full Body Skeletal Tracking (19 Joints)
  • 3D Point Cloud
  • User Masks
  • Gesture Recognition
  • Cross-platform SDK for Android, Windows and Linux
  • 3D Sensor independent - supports Kinect v1, Asus Xtion, Orbbec Astra, Orbbec Persee, Intel RealSense
  • Unity and Unreal Engine Plugins
  • OpenNI 1.5 compatible - OpenNI module allows you to move your OpenNI-based apps developed for Kinect and Asus Xtion to other platforms, including Android

Application areas:

  • Natural User Interface (NUI) for Windows/Linux/Android platforms
  • Games and Training (Fitness, Dance Lessons)
  • Medical Rehabilitation
  • Smart Home
  • Positional and Full Body Tracking for VR
  • Audience Analytics
  • Robot Vision