Nuitrack  1.11.2
3D Skeleton Tracking Middleware
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Nuitrack Depth Sensor

This module provides access to depth sensor data. More...


class  tdv::nuitrack::DepthSensor
 Represents the interface to the capabilities of the Nuitrack Depth Sensor module. More...
struct  tdv::nuitrack::OutputMode
 Stores sensor data properties. More...
class  tdv::nuitrack::DepthFrame
 Stores a frame depth map. More...

Detailed Description

This module provides access to depth sensor data.

The main class of this module is DepthSensor. It contains functions for configuring the module and retrieving the results of its work, along with the helper functions for interpreting the depth values.

The Nuitrack Depth Sensor module is used to obtain depth maps from the sensor for each frame. The module performs the primary processing of the depth data. The results of this module are used directly or indirectly in the work of other Nuitrack modules. The module can be switched to mirror mode with DepthSensor::setMirror. In mirror mode a depth map will be reflected horizontally before being transferred to other modules. The module provides functions for converting coordinates from the world system to a projective one, and vice versa.

The depth map of a frame is represented in the DepthFrame class.