Nuitrack  1.11.2
3D Skeleton Tracking Middleware
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tdv::nuitrack::Skeleton Struct Reference

Stores the data of the skeleton. More...

#include <Skeleton.h>

Public Attributes

int id
 User Id. The same as other(UserTracker, HandTracker, GestureRecognizer) modules uses.
std::vector< Jointjoints
 Array of joints. Where each index is ::JointType.

Detailed Description

Stores the data of the skeleton.

The skeleton is represented as a set of joints, each of which has its position and orientation. If pairs of adjacent joints are connected by imaginary "bones", you can get a simplified model of a real human skeleton. Then the orientation of the joint will be consistent with the orientation of the outgoing "bone".

The skeleton scheme is shown in the picture below.

Skeleton scheme
Joint orientation is represented in the form of rotation matrix. In T-pose rotation matrices for all joints are equal to identity matrix (see picture below). Rotations for wrists, feet and head are always identity.