Nuitrack  1.11.2
3D Skeleton Tracking Middleware
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nuitrack.Module Class Referenceabstract

Inherited by nuitrack.ColorSensor, nuitrack.DepthSensor, nuitrack.GestureRecognizer, nuitrack.HandTracker, nuitrack.IssueTracker, nuitrack.SkeletonTracker, and nuitrack.UserTracker.

Public Member Functions

String GetPerformanceInfo ()
virtual void Release ()
void subscribe ()

Protected Member Functions

void unsubscribe ()
abstract void subscribeImpl ()
abstract void unsubscribeImpl ()

Protected Attributes

System.IntPtr ptr
int usageCount
int isSubscribed
long lastCall


System.IntPtr Ptr [get]
 Gets the native ptr. More...

Property Documentation

System.IntPtr nuitrack.Module.Ptr

Gets the native ptr.

The native ptr.