Nuitrack  1.11.2
3D Skeleton Tracking Middleware
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tdv::nuitrack::UserFrame Class Reference

Represents a user map with information about the floor. More...

#include <UserFrame.h>

Inherits tdv::nuitrack::Frame< UserFrame, uint16_t >.

Public Member Functions

 UserFrame (UserTrackerData *pimpl)
const std::vector< UsergetUsers () const
 Returns additional information about detected users. More...
int getRows () const
 Returns the number of rows in the user frame.
int getCols () const
 Returns the number of columns in the user frame.
uint64_t getID () const
 Returns the user frame ID.
const DataType * getData () const
 Returns the user frame data.
uint64_t getTimestamp () const
 Returns the data timestamp in microseconds. More...
const Vector3 getFloor () const
 Get point of floor. More...
const Vector3 getFloorNormal () const
 Get normal of floor. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from tdv::nuitrack::Frame< UserFrame, uint16_t >
typedef uint16_t DataType
- Public Types inherited from tdv::nuitrack::ObjectData< UserFrame >
typedef std::shared_ptr
< UserFrame
- Public Types inherited from tdv::nuitrack::BaseObjectData
typedef std::shared_ptr
< BaseObjectData

Detailed Description

Represents a user map with information about the floor.

Each UserFrame element stores the ID of a user to which corresponding frame pixel belongs.

Additional information about detected users can be accessed trough UserFrame::getUsers.

The floor is represented in the form of a plane: as the point and the normal vector. This properties can be accessed via UserFrame::getFloor and UserFrame::getFloorNormal respectively.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

tdv::nuitrack::UserFrame::UserFrame ( UserTrackerData *  pimpl)
For internal use only.

Member Function Documentation

const Vector3 tdv::nuitrack::UserFrame::getFloor ( ) const

Get point of floor.

floor point.
const Vector3 tdv::nuitrack::UserFrame::getFloorNormal ( ) const

Get normal of floor.

floor normal.
uint64_t tdv::nuitrack::UserFrame::getTimestamp ( ) const

Returns the data timestamp in microseconds.

The timestamp characterizes the time point to which the data corresponds.

The exact meaning of this value depends on the depth provider.

Implements tdv::nuitrack::BaseObjectData.

const std::vector<User> tdv::nuitrack::UserFrame::getUsers ( ) const

Returns additional information about detected users.

Detected user properties in the form of array of the User structures.