Nuitrack  1.11.2
3D Skeleton Tracking Middleware
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tdv::nuitrack::BaseObjectData Class Referenceabstract

Generalized class for data with a timestamp. More...

#include <ObjectData.h>

Inherited by tdv::nuitrack::ObjectData< DepthFrame > [virtual], tdv::nuitrack::ObjectData< GestureData > [virtual], tdv::nuitrack::ObjectData< HandTrackerData > [virtual], tdv::nuitrack::ObjectData< RGBFrame > [virtual], tdv::nuitrack::ObjectData< RGBMark > [virtual], tdv::nuitrack::ObjectData< SkeletonData > [virtual], tdv::nuitrack::ObjectData< UserFrame > [virtual], tdv::nuitrack::ObjectData< UserGesturesStateData > [virtual], tdv::nuitrack::ObjectData< UserStateData > [virtual], and tdv::nuitrack::ObjectData< TImpl > [virtual].

Public Types

typedef std::shared_ptr
< BaseObjectData

Public Member Functions

virtual uint64_t getTimestamp () const =0
 Returns the data timestamp in microseconds. More...

Detailed Description

Generalized class for data with a timestamp.

Member Function Documentation

virtual uint64_t tdv::nuitrack::BaseObjectData::getTimestamp ( ) const
pure virtual

Returns the data timestamp in microseconds.

The timestamp characterizes the time point to which the data corresponds.

The exact meaning of this value depends on the depth provider.

Implemented in tdv::nuitrack::UserGesturesStateData, tdv::nuitrack::UserStateData, tdv::nuitrack::UserFrame, tdv::nuitrack::SkeletonData, tdv::nuitrack::RGBFrame, tdv::nuitrack::DepthFrame, tdv::nuitrack::HandTrackerData, and tdv::nuitrack::GestureData.