Nuitrack  1.4.0
3D Skeleton Tracking Middleware
tdv::nuitrack::SkeletonData Class Reference

Stores the data of all available skeletons at a certain point in time. More...

#include <SkeletonData.h>

Inheritance diagram for tdv::nuitrack::SkeletonData:
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Public Member Functions

 SkeletonData (SkeletonTrackerData *pimpl)
int getNumSkeletons () const
 Get current number of skeletons. More...
const std::vector< SkeletongetSkeletons () const
 Get current user skeletons. More...
uint64_t getTimestamp () const
 Returns the data timestamp in microseconds. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from tdv::nuitrack::ObjectData< SkeletonData >
typedef std::shared_ptr< SkeletonDataPtr
- Public Types inherited from tdv::nuitrack::BaseObjectData
typedef std::shared_ptr< BaseObjectDataPtr

Detailed Description

Stores the data of all available skeletons at a certain point in time.

Member Function Documentation

int tdv::nuitrack::SkeletonData::getNumSkeletons ( ) const

Get current number of skeletons.

Number of skeletons.
const std::vector<Skeleton> tdv::nuitrack::SkeletonData::getSkeletons ( ) const

Get current user skeletons.

uint64_t tdv::nuitrack::SkeletonData::getTimestamp ( ) const

Returns the data timestamp in microseconds.

The timestamp characterizes the time point to which the skeleton data corresponds.

The exact meaning of this value depends on the depth provider.

Implements tdv::nuitrack::BaseObjectData.